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Our hardwood flooring has significant advantages that no other interior hardwood supplier can claim in the manufacture of quality interior wood products.

Our supplier specializes in producing micro-bevel V-grooved flooring, finish sanded and ready to install. This eliminates the extra cost of sanding your floor after it's been put down.

This all adds up to producing Appalachian hardwoods made to satisfy for generations.

When you invest in our products, you have the unique benefit of receiving hardwoods made to last, for building the house of your dreams.

Compare our quality and price with Carlisle Floors.

Our supplier is in a unique position to guarantee top quality since all hardwoods are handled and guided on their premises by their employees.

Our mill controls the distinctive quality. That goes from selecting the choicest trees in the forest to hand-picking through their cut lumber to select the durable hardwoods customers want.

Then, for flooring, they custom-craft it to 3/4" thick in four stock widths.

We keep hearing from architects, flooring contractors and do-it-yourselfers that this is the highest quality hardwood interior product they've ever seen.

Since our supplier controls the product from cutting to finishing, we know that's true. Some is grown on their own land. They harvest it, saw it at their own sawmill (which has been working over-time for the past five years) and manufacture it.

Our supplier is one of a handful of manufacturers left who still cut hardwood flooring 3/4" thick. A century from now, if you sand this quality flooring, it will be just as beautiful as the day it is laid, unlike the veneer flooring on the market today.

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Unsurpassed Beauty and Durability

We're one of the few suppliers offering you the flexibility of flooring in 3, 4, 5 or 6-inch widths. This allows customers to build their own custom patterns using our beautiful hardwood flooring. We even special-cut 1 1/2" thick loft flooring and ceiling boards.

Go for the super-rustic look such as wormy chestnut oak or hickory or be as elegant as you can imagine with clear cherry or clear black walnut. The choice is yours, to fit your custom taste and lifestyle.

All hardwoods are unfinished, to offer you the unlimited flexibility in deciding your final color and finish.

When it comes to durability, nothing can compare to our hardwood floor products, grown and manufactured in the Blue Ridge mountains, specially cut for your special lifestyle.

The durability of our 3/4" flooring is superior to the 3/8" on the market today. Our flooring's top groove alone is thicker than many of our competitors' entire board.

You can count on the durability and beauty of our flooring being "all the way through," not just on top, where the eye can see.

With your own custom finish, cleaning will be easy. Spills can be easily mopped up and dust easily removed. Just follow the instructions of your cleaning manufacturer.

Hardwood flooring is the perfect choice for today's busy lifestyles. Children's wear and tear and pets' accidents won't increase the stress in your life simplified with quality, durable hardwood flooring.

Varieties You'll Have to See to Believe

Each person has different preferences and tastes, so we've designed a wide array of options which can be customized exclusively to your wishes.

The forests in the Blue Ridge Mountains offer 13 different varieties, unmatched in beauty, quality and durability anywhere else.

Do you yearn for the beaded paneling of yesteryear?
It's here, at , just like you remember in Grandma's kitchen.

From the rustic paneling found in weekend country chalets to the elegant cherry and walnut found in showplace homes at the best addresses, you'll find what you want.

Do you like what you see in flooring or paneling? Do you want the trim to match? We can provide that.

If you want your paneling beaded, we offer nine varieties. If you want your flooring V-grooved, we offer it in 16 varieties.

Our varieties of hardwood paneling, flooring, mouldings and trim are sold in both clear and natural grades. They include the following, many of which must be purchased by calling toll free 866-645-8885
Office hours: Monday - Friday  9 - 5  ET. 
Wood varieties available for purchase online, click here.

All-White Ash
Natural Ash
Clear Cherry
Natural Cherry
Hard Maple
Soft Maple
Antique Yellow Pine
Clear Yellow Pine

Knotty White Pine
Wormy Chestnut Oak
Aromatic Red Cedar
Clear Red Oak
Natural Red Oak
Rustic Wormy Red Oak
Clear White Oak
Natural White Oak
Clear Walnut
Natural Walnut
Log Home Siding

Complimentary wood products:

At Millworkforless, you'll find quality interior wood products including wainscoting, full-length paneling, flooring, baseboard, chair-rail, crown mould, quarter, and cove mould. All products are manufactured in the flooring species: Black Walnut, Cherry, Hard Maple, Soft Maple, Poplar, Chestnut Oak, Red Oak, White Oak, Ash, Yellow Pine, White Pine, Butternut, Aromatic Cedar, Hickory, Basswood and interior and exterior Log Home Siding.

Call to inquire: Toll free 866-645-8885 Office hours: Monday - Friday  9 - 5  ET.


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