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 Natural American  Walnut


Dating back to the Early Colonial Era, American Walnut has been considered a treasured privilege to own.  Known for its dark, rich alluring color, the wood has traditionally symbolized strength and prosperity.  The brilliance of the grain, predominately straight then bursting with swirls and curls, completes the classic beauty of the long sought after wood.        

Color: Dark brown to medium chocolate brown tones.  The Natural Grade adds
          occasional streaks of tan to cream colored sapwood.  A naturally distressed
          version is available with minimal sap wood. 

Grain: Mostly straight and open with an occasional curly or wavy appearance. 
           The Natural Grade adds an occasional tight knot.    

Hardness: Moderately hard with excellent stability. 
                 Approximately 22% less hard than Red Oak.

 Natural American Cherry


From colonial times through today, American Cherry has graced the most elite homes with its impressive beauty bringing elegance and inviting warmth to any setting.  The truly enchanting rose hues deepen over time becoming stunningly rich in color and unmatched in beauty. 

ColorLight warm rose tones with just a hint of brown aging to a deeper
            rose/cinnamon.  The Natural Grade adds subdued dark mineral streaks with
            occasional cream colored sapwood.

GrainExtremely fine grain, frequently wavy with a satiny texture. 
            The Natural Grade adds an occasional tight knot, swirls and burls.

Hardness Moderately hard with above average stability. 
                  Approximately 22% less hard than Red Oak.

 Wormy Chestnut Oak


Wormy Chestnut Oak is indeed a rare, exceptional find in the interior wood market.  The key to its uniqueness is the occasional worm hole that results in the handsome, natural mineral streak.  Some boards will have only one predominant worm mark while other boards may have several, more subdued markings.  Each and every board is quite different from the next and more importantly, marked by a natural occurrence.  

Color:  Light warm brown tones, dark brown mineral streaks with occasional
           cream colored sapwood.

Grain:  Close grained with occasional tight knots, swirls and burls.

Hardness:  Heavy, hard and durable.  Approximately 7% harder than Red Oak.

 Rustic Wormy Red Oak

Traditional Red Oak with a provincial flair, Wormy Red Oak evokes a certain sense of nostalgia.  Harvested from trees that have succumbed to old age, Wormy Red Oak is retrieved at a critical point in time to ensure that the wood is still at its height of stability.  This wood is appealing for its natural wood characteristics, distressed solely by nature

ColorRed Oak reddish/light brown color with slight contrasts in light brown
            to brown color.  Worm holes appear much darker. 

Grain Bold, consistent, open grain with an occasional tight knot, and mineral streak.

Hardness: Very hard and durable.  Resists wear and has a high shock resistance.


 Antique Appalachian Pine

Reminiscent of the floors commonly found in Colonial Williamsburg, Antique Yellow Pine adds a certain charm and warmth to any setting.  Heavy in character, this wood brings to mind a slower paced time, rich in Southern Tradition.

ColorAmber Orange tones with some yellow and brown mix.

GrainDense with high figuring.  Some boards marked with pinstripe while others
           display a more open bold appearance with an abundance of tight and bold knots.

Hardness Relatively hard with  above average stability.
                 Approximately 20% less hard than Red Oak on average. 


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